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Geometry Game

Geometry Game

Geometry Game

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Geometry Dash

It's time for all Geometry Dash fanatics! Go on breathtaking jumps with the epic adventures in a brand new rhythm-based platformer, Geometry Game!

New Challenges Inspired by Geometry Dash

Experience the rhythm-based challenge in a unique expansion with Geometry Game! With the feature of a rhythm game, players will be completely immersed in the journey with spectacular jumps through tricky terrain. If you are a fan of the Geometry Dash universe, you won't be able to miss the adventures of overcoming dangerous spikes, complex tall columns, or narrow tunnels in this new game. Along with that, the unique sounds and images also make the game attract a great deal of curiosity. The factor that makes the game so addictive and stimulates players' conquest is that the main round does not have any checkpoints at all. That means that even if a small mistake happens, your round will restart. That is the reason why gamers can spend hours determined to beat a certain level of Geometry Game.

Whether you are a professional gamer who has completed all the difficult levels in Geometry Dash, or a beginner just starting your explorations, Geometry Game can meet your wishes. Levels appear in order of increasing difficulty, from normal to nearly impossible to conquer. In addition, this new game also has extremely attractive updates that have uniqueness to what is familiar. The most obvious change comes from the lighting effects of objects appearing in the map. Besides, players can notice the difference from the motivating and exciting soundtrack. There is no other way but to experience these fascinating rounds for yourself and discover the most amazing changes. At the end of the day, there's nothing more satisfying than completing each level after countless attempts!

Available Levels

The reason why Geometry Game can be called a charming extended version of Geometry Dash is because of the levels included in this game. Not only stopping at challenges inspired by official rounds, this top version also brings completely new experiences. You can freely explore game rounds that suit your ability. Or find your own favorite journey from marvelous levels:

  • Stereo Dash (Easy, 1 ⭐)
  • Let's go! (Easy, 2 ⭐)
  • Gravitational (Normal, 3 ⭐)
  • Drought (Normal, 4 ⭐)
  • Step After Step (Hard, 5 ⭐)
  • Never Give Up (Hard, 6 ⭐)
  • Step Jump (Harder, 7 ⭐)
  • Teleporter (Harder, 8 ⭐)
  • Cyclestep (Harder, 9 ⭐)
  • xAdventures (Insane, 10 ⭐)

Coming soon… (unprecedented levels will appear to diversify gameplay, as well as create extreme challenges for your skills)

Two Stunning Game Modes

Don't forget the unique features that appear in Geometry Game! You should grasp the rhythm so that it becomes your number one assistant in each well-timed jumping step. In addition, this new version also has two game modes: normal and practice mode.

  • Normal: This is the main round, deciding your achievements and conquests in the game. The only goal of gamers is to navigate the character to the finish line without colliding with anything. Absolute reflex and alignment skills need to be absolutely utilized.
  • Practice: This great mode will help players improve their skills by getting familiar with the character's movements and learning about the terrain. In this mode, checkpoints will appear continuously after a certain distance that the cube travels. These points are the starting points again when a collision occurs. The only unfortunate thing is that the music in this mode will not be the same as in the main round. However, this is still a great way for players to get to know all the maps in less time. From there, success in Normal mode also becomes more feasible.

Discover all the Difficulties

  • Easy: These are Geometry Dash's easiest official levels, with 2 stars.
  • Normal: When completed, you will receive 3 rewarded stars.
  • Hard: You receive 4 or 5 rewarded stars upon completion.
  • Insane: With the ideal number of stars, 8 or 9 stars when completed.
  • Demon: The rewarded stars of these levels are 10 and include five difficulty levels: Easy Demon, Medium Demon, Hard Demon, Insane Demon, and Extreme Demon (sorted by increasing difficulty).

All Forms of the Character

To have an effective round, another notable point that you need to pay attention to is the advancements in your character's appearance. Your geometry will not stay in cube form throughout the adventure, it changes depending on certain types of terrain. After moving through the transportation portals, your character will change shape to correspond to the color of each portal. Get familiar with all of these forms for more pro navigation:

  • Cube: Usually starting in the first segment of each round, the cube's portal is green. Each key press will correspond to a jump of the character.
  • Ship: The ship's portal is pink and this is the character's first flying state. Each time you press the key, the ship will bounce slightly and if you release it, it will automatically fall. Often you will need to hold down the key to maintain a straight-up state.
  • Ball: With the red portals, you will progress to the ball gameplay. The character's sliding and sticking properties will be accompanied by a change in gravity every time you press the movement key.
  • UFO: The UFO mode has the orange portal and this state is quite similar to the ship. However, you need to click continuously to maintain the character's flight path, instead of holding down.
  • Wave: Often considered the most difficult segment, the wave's portal is blue. Zigzag movements on narrow roads will be the ultimate challenge for every Dasher.
  • Robot: When moving through the white portal, the character will transform into a robot form with jumps similar to a cube but at a lighter level.
  • Spider: Get ready for shocking jumps with gravity changes with each keystroke as you move through the purple portal of spider mode.
  • Swings: The newest form of the character in Geometry Dash also appears in Geometry Game with a yellow portal. This state will move gradually by reversing gravity.

Jump and Dash with the Geometry

With the attractive yet challenging properties of Geometry Dash, you can also test your sharp reflexes and sense of rhythm in a gauntlet of levels in Geometry Game. Navigate your cube through a series of dangerous hazards, like spikes, sharp corners, and walls, to master levels of increasing difficulty. Be careful with each of your jumps and dashes because even a small mistake can cause the round to restart. However, your character will not be bored with flexible transitions in different types of terrain. Players will have more motivation when unlocking new forms for the cube with unique movement properties. The variety in gameplay is also a prerequisite for the incredible difficulties of Geometry Game.

How to Controls

Like Geometry Dash, the complexity and variety of shape transformations of the blocks have a very simple control. Your mission is to maneuver the block by pressing or holding the key to go through each level and reach the finish line. Remember that even a small mistake can cause you to return to the starting line. Pay attention to the rhythm to have the most reasonable and timely keystrokes.

  • CLICK/SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump
  • Hold down the LEFT-CLICK/SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump

Tips and Tricks for Every Dasher

Geometry Game is deeply inspired by Geometry Dash, so the levels are also ranked in increasing difficulty. Depending on the design of the map at each level, these ratings fall into three categories: star, feature, and epic. From there, the rewards after completing each round are also different.

  • Focus all your attention on your goal of reaching the finish line before collecting coins. The most important thing in the process of conquering Geometry Game is to absolutely complete the difficult maps. You can maneuver the cube to move along many different paths, as long as there are no problems, to reach the finish line successfully. This can cause you to miss valuable coins in the round. But don't worry; this item can be accumulated after numerous rounds of play, whether you complete the entire path or not.
  • Participate in practice mode first to familiarize yourself with the terrain. Understanding the map designs clearly is extremely necessary, especially with unexpected situations that often appear in this game. The support of checkpoints will help players start at the point closest to the collision. It can take a lot of effort to get past a certain segment, but who cares. As long as you gain experience to conquer the main round!
  • Turn down the sound and increase the concentration. The rhythm section in Geometry Game is very exciting and can help players make more precise operations. But that doesn't mean you necessarily have to depend on this property. If you feel the sound is distracting you, turn it off. Anyway, your main goal is to reach the finish line, not to perform graceful dances to catchy tunes.
  • For newcomers, you should try in order of difficulty to gradually progress and complete the levels. Don't be impatient; you can even smoothly pass a certain round to practice your reflex skills. Also, don't be afraid to refer to methods from other pro gamers. Maybe you can also apply a similar strategy or come up with some ideas from their gameplay suggestions.

Explore Analogous Rhythm Games

When it comes to the rhythm-based platformer genre, no one is unfamiliar with the huge fan community of the legendary game Geometry Dash. They are the ones who contribute to the development of the rhythm game genre. These Dashers are always ready to challenge anything new related to this addictive game. The excitement in each round can come from different challenges, but all have the same nature of actions followed by catchy music. 

The appeal of rhythm games always attracts a lot of attention from players of all ages. If you are a fan of this genre, you probably won't be able to miss The Impossible Game and Bit.Trip Runner, the ultimate inspiration for the famous Geometry Dash series. The rhythm-based obstacle course challenge of Bit.Trip Runner, along with the solitary adventure of the cube in The Impossible Game, are perfectly combined in Geometry Game.

Along with the growing popularity of rhythm games, many players and developers have designed their own inspired games. These top-notch versions make the player's experience almost limitless. You can choose games that have the same jumping and adventure gameplay on awkward maps ranging from easy to unbelievably difficult, like Geometry Dash Retray, Decode, Bloodbath, Xmas Dash, etc. Let's explore more in Dash Games!

Every decision is in your hands. With simple key operations, you can completely create miracles from stunning adventure games like Geometry Game. Let's start your explorations to lands full of thorns and enjoy your glorious victories right away!

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