Poligon Dash
Poligon Dash

Poligon Dash

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Poligon Dash

Poligon Dash is a vibrant arcade game inspired by the hot trend, Geometry Dash. Turn the map from side-scrolling into a vertical journey. What tasks will you need to perform? Nothing has changed; the ultimate obstacle course gameplay still makes you easily immersed. Control your character to avoid all dangers on the map and reach the finish line. The tracks in Poligon Dash are not long but full of twists and turns. Therefore, you still need concentration to conquer every level of this game.

Unlock the Interesting Features

  • Familiar graphics with typical shapes of the Geometry Dash universe.
  • The gameplay is easy to understand and reduces the difficulty of the original game many times.
  • You can customize your character's appearance without unlocking conditions.
  • Levels with varying difficulty help you accurately test your skills.
  • Practice mode with checkpoints will shorten the time to conquer difficult levels.
  • Completing the round in normal mode is the official result.

How to Play

Your target is to reach the finish line without any collisions. To maneuver the character, players can use the left or right arrow. Note that the cube can transform into other shapes within certain segments. You can still use those command keys, but in a different direction. This guide is available in the game, so please read it carefully before participating in the challenge!