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Play Quordle, a word-puzzle game akin to Wordle with many upgrades that make it more captivating. Guessing four mystifying phrases at once is faster! Quordle players have nine guesses at four hidden words, enter your words for help. After entering a term with as many letters as the squares on a line, hit Enter. Variable number of squares per line, all four fields were filled at once.

The inputted word has now colored all fields.Each word will be one color or another. These hues reveal secret keywords. Due to word length, recommendations will be random. The true letter gets green. Yellow denotes that the letter is in the word but in a different place. Gray denotes a missing letter. The keyboard buttons change color to distinguish them from the left, right, bottom, and top game areas. Keep typing to get the four hidden words. To succeed, guess every phrase.

How to play

In Quordle, players use the mouse to follow directions. You have nine guesses to answer four words. Use color hints on the letters and keyboard to complete the puzzle. Win the game by guessing all four words (all letters are green). Pay heed to hints in the guesses.

  • Gray: The letter "L" is not in the target word.
  • Yellow: The letter is present but not needed.
  • Blue: The letter is in the correct term.

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