Scratch Dash
Scratch Dash

Scratch Dash

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Scratch Dash

Scratch Dash is a game deeply inspired by the hot trend, Geometry Dash, with unique gameplay. You will experience the journey of a lonely cube. Your character is trying to overcome challenges on a not-too-complicated map. Although there are mainly platforms and blocks, the difficulty is no joke. You need to adjust the key press time accurately for each cup to be able to easily keep the cube safe. If even the slightest collision occurs, the round will restart.

How to Play

You can use the mouse keys or the spacebar to control your cube. To master every situation, you need to clearly understand the character's movement characteristics. Each decisive jump can cause unexpected challenges. Play a lot to master it and win gloriously!

Some Common Questions

Q: Can I manage the speed of the cube?

A: This is part of the difficulty in Scratch Dash. You will not be able to adjust the character's speed. Please concentrate to keep up with the pace of the round!

Q: How to get good results?

A: There is no other way than practice to memorize the terrain. You even need a variety of strategies to overcome a certain extremely difficult segment. Do not be discouraged!