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SuperHot is an amazing first-person shooter (FPS) game that introduces a unique time-bending mechanic. In this game, time only progresses when you move, adding an intense level of suspense and action that sets it apart from other games. Dive into the thrilling world of SuperHot and annihilate your enemies!

Your mission is to seek out polygonal red enemies and shatter them into pieces. These enigmatic figures wield a variety of weapons, ranging from crowbars to automatic rifles. Experience epic slow-motion battles reminiscent of scenes from the Matrix. Plan your moves carefully, executing elaborate bullet plays and attacks. Utilize the environment and manipulate time to gain the upper hand as you glide through enemy territories.


  • Observe the enemy presence while remaining stationary, strategizing your next move.
  • Take aim and fire your shots precisely when you're still, maximizing your accuracy.
  • Disarm your enemies by grabbing their weapons after defeating them.
  • Remember, time is your greatest advantage. Seize control and dominate the battlefield.

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