Gauntlets, formally titled The Lost Gauntlets, are a feature of Geometry Dash, introduced during Update 2.1 with content gradually being included post-release. They are accessed from the directive menu. A gauntlet consists of five user levels that are all very similar to one another but gradually increase in complexity and must be finished in that order. This is made possible by the fact that Gauntlet levels are only carbon copies of the originals and that their respective progress is recorded independently as part of the Gauntlet sequences. The level selection menus stand out on a plain white backdrop, but they can't be favorited or rated.

A few of the gauntlets are locked or concealed at first, but there are a total of fifteen. They provide the usual experience points and gems for leveling up. When finish a gauntlet, you get more diamonds and sometimes mana orbs, shards, icons, and other rare items. 

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  1. Fire Gauntlet 
  2. Ice Gauntlet
  3. Poison Gauntlet
  4. Shadow Gauntlet
  5. Lava Gauntlet
  6. Bonus Gauntlet
  7. Chaos Gauntlet
  8. Demon Gauntlet
  9. Time Gauntlet
  10. Crystal Gauntlet
  11. Magic Gauntlet
  12. Spike Gauntlet
  13. Monster Gauntlet
  14. Doom Gauntlet
  15. Death Gauntlet