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Can't decide between playing Minesweeper or Tetris? Well, why not play both? Tetrisweeper is a captivating combination of two beloved puzzle games that will put your mind to the ultimate test.

In this game, you'll need to simultaneously engage with Tetris and Minesweeper to claim victory. Just like in Tetris, blocks will descend, and you must strategically position them to complete rows. However, there's a twist—each square within the grid functions as a Minesweeper tile. To clear a row, you must not only fill every empty space but also solve the Minesweeper puzzle within each tile. Be cautious, as reaching the top of the tower or accidentally clicking on a mine will bring your game to an end.

Types of Lines and How to Achieve Them

  • Line Filled: Fill a line with tiles, similar to regular Tetris.
  • Tetris: Fill four lines simultaneously for a Tetris.
  • T-Spin: Twist a T tetromino into a tight space to fill a line.
  • Line Cleared: Solve the Minesweeper puzzle on a filled line, causing it to be removed.
  • Linesweep: Clear a line that you just filled before the next tetromino locks into place.
  • Tetrisweep: Clear all four lines in a 4-line Tetris you just filled before the next tetromino locks into place.
  • T-Spinsweep: Score a T-spin and clear every line that the T tetromino filled before the next tetromino locks into place.
  • Perfect Clear: Clear the entire playfield without leaving any tiles behind.

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Minesweeper and Tetris are available on our website. Play now and have fun!