The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2

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The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 is a unique sci-fi building game in which players decide to create a space colony because Earth is not livable. You must build your city and its inhabitants from scratch, starting with just a small piece of rock in space. You will be able to gather your resources and then build and study your way towards a brighter future. Your city can grow from an exploratory vessel to a large metropolis full of cutting-edge technology. A happy workforce and good resource management are essential to building a successful city. What are your plans for building a prosperous city?

Your goal is to create a functioning colony on each new planet. To build new structures, your inhabitants will need to gather food and timber. The bottom right corner of your screen shows you where you can find your resources. Click on an empty spot on the ground to build it. To increase food production and population growth, you can build buildings. Some structures can be upgraded. All new production and recreational structures can be built to create a better colony. Be careful with your resources so that your colony is happy and full!


In 2142, the planet has become a barren wasteland. You have built a spacecraft that will transport you to another planet. This tiny universe will become your home. Although you don't have much, your community will grow as you build more homes and farms and satisfy the needs of your residents. After you have established a happy society on your beloved space rock and obtained new technology, you may travel to other small planets with your spacecraft.


The Final Earth 2 allow you to unlock more than fifty structures. It is possible to build huge vertical cities with thousands of people, satisfying every city-building geek’s dream. All of this while only requiring a browser to play.

Like many other city-building games, your people have different needs. As with other city simulation games, they will have different needs. You can meet these requirements by creating new structures or managing your staff effectively.

You can allocate the workforce based on which resource is most important. If one stone is more important than another, you can tilt the balance to make it so. The exploration center can also be used to access new technology, such as improved labor equipment.

How to play

The Final Earth 2 offers seven different game types. The narrative mode starts with "A New Beginning," where you will leave a post-apocalyptic earth to establish a new civilization. If you're looking for the ending, that is the way to go. Six play scenarios are available for free in a variety of locations.

  • Use the mouse to play.
  • Tip: Ctrl+Click near a citizen to follow them!
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