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Townscaper is a relaxed and easy-to-play city-building game. You can create charming towns on quaint islands with curvy streets, small hamlets, grand cathedrals, canal networks, or even cities on stilts. The game works block by block.

How To Play

Choose colors from the palette and place colored blocks on the irregular grid. The game's clever algorithm will automatically transform those blocks into adorable little houses, arches, stairways, bridges, and beautiful backyards based on their arrangement.

Start by clicking on the ocean to create a small cobblestone island. Clicking on the island will add a house, and clicking on the house will add another floor. Clicking next to the island or an existing house will expand their size. You can also change the color of the houses.

Despite its simple, cel-shaded style, Townscaper allows you to build stunning islands. You can set the scene with different times of the day and sunlight angles for the perfect screenshot to share on social media.

In addition, the way you place houses can lead to delightful surprises, like hidden Easter eggs. For example, enclosing an area with houses will create grassy fields or backyards. Experimenting with colors can also have interesting effects. Placing a red and white tower in the middle of the ocean might transform it into a lighthouse.

Key Features

  • Enjoy pure building without the grind or failure.
  • Choose colors and create charming island towns with a calming art style and satisfying sound design.
  • Intuitive building tools are available from the start.
  • The algorithm ensures that every block fits together seamlessly.

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