Wheelie Bike
Wheelie Bike

Wheelie Bike

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Wheelie Bike

Wheelie Bike is an exciting game where you perform and maintain a wheelie on a bike for as long as possible. Your task is to balance the bike's front wheel in the air while collecting coins and navigating through various levels and obstacles. 

How to Play

Balancing the bike's front wheel in the air will require your concentration and reflexes. To start the wheelie, just click or tap the screen. But that's just the beginning!

Collect shiny coins along the road by clicking or tapping on them. Use these coins to unlock cool upgrades in the shop, such as new vehicles, characters, levels, and worlds. Each vehicle and character brings its own unique challenges and rewards.

Traverse through various levels and worlds, facing different obstacles like uneven terrains, ramps, and surprises. Keep your bike balanced to avoid crashing and ending your wheelie. Aim for your personal best and compete with others on the leaderboards.

When your wheelie eventually ends, you can choose to start again with new knowledge and skills or return to the main menu to plan your next move.

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