Doodle Basketball
Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball

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Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball is a stunning sports-themed game with magical dunks to achieve the highest score. You will play the role of an athlete who is constantly practicing for an important tournament. Each pitch is the crystallization of skill and the spirit of not giving up. Your goal is to score as many points as possible within the time limit of each turn. The achievements of each turn will be reflected in the number of stars you receive.

Doodle Basketball is definitely the ideal entertainment for players who are passionate about sports, especially basketball. The quick and easy approach can make you immersed without even knowing it.

The Unique Features

  • The sports theme with basketball is attractive but full of suspense.
  • The graphics are not too complicated, making it easy to focus on the main task.
  • There are an unlimited number of throws in one round, and as long as there is time left, the round will not stop.
  • The skill of aligning direction and throwing force faces a challenge that cannot be joked about because the character's position will change.

How to Play

You just need to hold down the mouse button to create throwing force and release your hand for the character to perform the action. Pay attention to the position and distance between the athlete and the basket to have flexible adjustment strategies.

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