Geometry Dash ARRE Robot
Geometry Dash ARRE Robot

Geometry Dash ARRE Robot

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Geometry Dash ARRE Robot

Geometry Dash ARRE Robot, created by player Izhar, is an Epic Medium Demon level rated 10 stars with 3 user coins. The level's decorations showcase a unique blend of basic and spectacular elements. It features a homemade background, monster figures, and decorative "garlands," with pink and green colors dominating the visuals. The level incorporates a variety of triggers, particularly focused on movement and color changes, adding to its dynamic nature.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash ARRE Robot is truly distinctive. Notably, it includes stages with controls for two players, executed in an interesting and efficient manner. The robot carries a cube on an invisible platform, ensuring that players cannot cheat or simplify the passage. The level introduces a mechanism similar to Duelo Maestro, featuring keys and saws that pose a threat to the characters. The gameplay is enhanced by excellent synchronization with the music composed by ParagonX9. However, the level's duration is relatively short, lasting only 1 minute and 2 seconds.

Although the level wasn't initially renowned for its difficulty, it gained popularity after being played by well-known players like Dorami and Nexus.

Gameplay Breakdown

The level begins with an easy and brief cube stage, suitable even for inexperienced players. It is followed by a split between the robot and the cube, where the player must collect keys and navigate obstacles while avoiding saws. Next, a challenging and lengthy ship stage awaits, where players must navigate through spikes while being pursued by a monster shooting fireballs. The monster is defeated at the end of the stage.

Subsequently, players face the second duel, which is a continuation of the first one. It features a similar system with keys, obstacles, and scenery, but introduces more spheres and more challenging timings for the cube. This is followed by a cube stage where the player must navigate double spikes. Short but difficult UFO, cube, and mini-wave stages come next. Finally, the player must overcome the cube and mini-wave stages before completing the level.

Coins Location

  • The first coin can be found at 46% of the plane stage. To collect it, the player needs to fly downwards.
  • The second coin is located at 60% during the second split. Collecting it requires the player to grab three skulls.
  • The third coin can be found at 92% of the cube stage. It can be collected by successfully jumping over the yellow trampoline.

Interesting Facts about Geometry Dash ARRE Robot

  • The password for the level is 351011.
  • If the player fails at 97-98%, the text "100%!" will disappear, and it will be replaced with "+95%?".

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