Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake

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Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake is an Easy Demon level created, verified, and published by MasK463. Along with Super Cycles and Hextec Flow, it is included in Demon Pack 2 as the second level. The level has numerous components that require memorization using fakes or tricks.

The cube is the only game mode included in the level. The quantity of fakes, techniques, timings, and challenging memories make the level fairly challenging. Object colors sometimes change while the level is still dark. However, the final section's color palette seems to be mostly orange. Instead of becoming larger, the cube often remains small. There are, however, several glitches throughout the level.

Fun fact

  • There are 6,497 items in the level.
  • There are 1m 24s throughout the level.
  • Since this level's difficulty is up for debate, Starquake often changes between Easy Demon and Medium Demon.
  • The majority choose a Medium Demon rate.
  • A sequel to the first level, StarQuake II, was also produced by the MasK463. In contrast, StarQuake II gets an Insane 9 stars rating.

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