Geometry Dash Berserk
Geometry Dash Berserk

Geometry Dash Berserk

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Geometry Dash Berserk

Geometry Dash Berserk is an Epic Insane level rated 8 stars and 1 user coin. In this level, your cube will automatically travel as usual, and your main task is to manage the precise leaping action. Created by rafer (also known as rafer300), Geometry Dash Berserk features a modern design style that stands out with its remarkable use of light and movement. Let's put the eight-star rating to the test! 

Each section of the level showcases an intriguing overall structure and block design. Players will notice the beautiful colors. Additional colors are cleverly incorporated to improve the visibility of each icon's movement. As you progress deeper into the level, the details become sharper and more precise, making them easy to recognize. Maintain a smooth rhythm and regulate your movements on each beat to keep up with the pace of each icon's jump.

Game Impressions

  • The level strikes a balance in its details from beginning to end.
  • Unconventional color combinations and captivating movements.
  • All rounds were meticulously created by Rafer (Rafer300).
  • Due to the rapid color changes, quick adaptation is essential.

How to Play

You can control your cube using the up arrow key, the "w" key, or the spacebar. Alternatively, mouse controls are also available for each movement.

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