Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing

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Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing is an Insane Level by Neptune rated 8 stars. Blast Processing adds 3D embellishments to the level, fleshing it out. It also introduces the wave shape in long, uninterrupted sequences.

Secret coins

The first hidden coin is at 52% and is gathered as the wave. Enter the third enormous diamond after entering the dual portal to get the currency. The second mystery coin is found at 69% and is known as the UFO. Enter the "mouth" of the third major barrier towards the ground after passing under the second large face obstacle to grab the coin.

The third hidden coin may be found at 86% and is collected as the ship. More obstacles arise in the form of cubes with icicle-shaped spikes at their bottoms, except for the third, which has artificial spikes instead. Maintain a close proximity to the ground before sliding beneath the obstruction to get the coin.


Even though artificial slopes are part of getting the first hidden coin in Blast Processing, they are not fully shown until Theory of Everything 2.

Blast Processing is not called after its Newgrounds song, which is titled "-BlastProcess-" there. However, the song is also known as "Blast Processing" in other places.

There are two problems at this level:

  • The first occurs after the twin wave section. The player may bypass the deactivation dual portal, which causes the second cube part to start upside-down, just before the dual wave changes back into a normal wave. The level may still be completed in this manner if the player leaps immediately after entering the cube portal and jumps over the blocks. The player must then leap over the last block to return to the main path.
  • The second occurs immediately after the first ball segment, when the player enters the wave once again. If the player taps or clicks right after entering the wave portal, they will skip the gravity portal and use anti-gravity to finish the wave, dual wave, and part of the next cube section.

The only levels with a wave gateway after the first cube section are Blast Processing and Deadlocked.

When it was launched, the level contained every Update 1.9 gamemode in full size.

Blast Processing takes 102 seconds and a minimum of 65 leaps to finish.

After Electrodynamix, Blast Processing is the only primary level that does not include items that change the player's speed or size.