Geometry Dash Theory of Everything 2
Geometry Dash Theory of Everything 2

Geometry Dash Theory of Everything 2

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Geometry Dash Theory of Everything 2

Geometry Dash Theory of Everything 2 by Neptune is an easy demon level rated 10 stars. Theory of Everything 2 is Geometry Dash's eighteenth level and the second with a Demon difficulty. To unlock the level, you must collect 20 mystery coins. This game features fading saw-blades, unseen slopes, and phony slopes. Utilizing this, the level has several challenging areas that need recollection. It also features various new decorations and for the first time employs the mini-wave.

Secret coins

The first hidden coin may be found at 13% and is collected as the ship. After entering the yellow gravity vortex, the player must hold down to for the ship to pass under a pile of invisible blocks and grab the hidden coin before returning to the usual path. The second mystery coin is found at 65% and is collected as part of the wave. The player must enter the faux slope in the third diagonal hallway to grab the coin, then return to the usual path.

The third mystery coin has an 84% chance of being acquired as the cube. The player must first strike two jump rings, followed by the one with the "cross" design. The player must then leap late to get the coin, then jump again at the final platform's edge. Collecting all three mystery coins will get you one extra cube.


  • Theory of Everything 2 needed 30 hidden coins to unlock prior to Update 2.0.
  • By travelling slightly beneath the second anti-gravity portal in the initial ship section, it is possible to avoid it. By doing the same, it is also feasible to avoid the 0.5x speed portal after the first ship section.
  • This also occurs during the little wave section, as you may just go beneath the speed change and continue at 2x speed. This will make that section much more difficult, but it will also break the sync.
  • It is also feasible to circumvent the cube and size portals at 70% by going between the portals' tops and the ceiling. The difficulty of the subsequent cube and ship portions is substantially reduced as a result, albeit the second cube section after that is impossible due to the tiny icon's inability to leap high enough.
  • You will fall between the yellow and magenta rings and onto the saws at 9% if you strike a blue ring at 7% late enough.
  • The only primary level in the complete edition to finish under the influence of the rapid speed portal is Theory of Everything 2.
  • There are duplicate speed portals at 70% and 92% in Theory of Everything 2.
  • The only levels that employ destructible blocks are Theory of Everything 2 and Electroman Adventures.
  • Theory of Everything 2 demands a minimum of 90 leaps and takes 92 seconds to finish.
  • There is a little issue around 75% where you may touch the first yellow ring and still live. This is because to the incorrect hitboxes, although it requires careful late time. Theory of Everything 2 is the first major level to have a micro wave.