Geometry Dash CastleMania

Geometry Dash CastleMania

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Geometry Dash CastleMania

Geometry Dash CastleMania

Geometry Dash CastleMania is an Epic Medium Demon Level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins. This is a XL Medium Demon mega-collaboration hosted by Serponge, FerdeFunky, Lumpy, DavJT, Subwoofer, TheDevon, Koolboom, iISpaceDustIi, ZepherGD, Sminx, Alfred PKNess, N R G, Pan, Tob24, KingTony, Kips, Rafer, (Rafer300) Thomartin, Reunomi, Floppy, Nemphis, RadiationV2, Disp, Xender Game, ZalsprX, Arb(Arb71703) and Yoshikawa. With various approaches and possible outcomes, this level is quite challenging. By traversing pathways, the three user coins are obtained. Depending on the path the player chooses, there are several levels of difficulty.


  • There are 417,817 items total on the level.
  • Similar to Ocular Miracle, Adrenaline Khorne, WOODKID, Black Flag, pointzero, Night Rider, and Light It Up, this level may crash on several platforms, corrupting some save files and rendering the level free.
  • The level lasts 2 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • In the Geometry Dash Awards, the level was nominated for and won Best Demon Megacollab.
  • Title cards, which are modeled by the independent game Hollow Knight, are used to designate places in Serponge's complete gameplay video of this level.
  • If you successfully complete the Reaper Path, the castle in the backdrop will crumble during the credits.
  • TheDevon's remix of the Castlevania song "Bloody Tears" was included in Serponge's CastleMania teaser video.
  • The whole level is played at regular speed so that any sync issues might be avoided by the authors.
  • This level contained one of the quickest features in the whole game, much alone epic, which took around a minute to activate.
  • This level was Demon #7 in Eric Van Wilderman's series "12 Demons of Christmas 2020."
  • There will soon be an unknown CastleMania sequel.

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