Geometry Dash Dark Angel
Geometry Dash Dark Angel

Geometry Dash Dark Angel

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Geometry Dash Dark Angel

Join in an epic and challenging adventure with Geometry Dash Dark Angel, an exciting and Harder level in the Geometry Dash series. Rated 7 stars by players worldwide, this game will push your skills to the limit. Created collaboratively by FerdeFunky, Zafkiel, LeocreatorX, OsirisGD, BallisticGmer, Chromatik, and perky, it offers a unique gameplay experience.

Set against a black background, Geometry Dash Dark Angel introduces you to a fascinating journey. Take control of sharp gears or a blocky spaceship as you navigate through treacherous obstacles and tunnels filled with cunning traps. Explore portals that transform your character, turning you into tiny cyborgs, circular gears, or spaceships capable of soaring over skyscrapers.

How To Reach The Key?

Can't reach the key? Don't worry! There's a solution. Look for the blue orb on the portal, which you can collect to obtain the key. Alternatively, you can take a different path. Jump at the corner when you encounter the first green orb between 60% and 61% progress.


Keep in mind that at 5% progress, after hitting the black jump ring too early, you'll bounce up and hit the box above.

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