Geometry Dash Jump
Geometry Dash Jump

Geometry Dash Jump

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Geometry Dash Jump

Geometry Dash Jump is an Epic Harder Level rated 7 stars and 1 user coin. Created by the talented duo of haoN and LeX97, this level is a collaboration where LeX97 built from 0 to 45%. haoN is known for creating levels that achieve epic status, and Geometry Dash Jump is no exception. This level is truly a remarkable level that has the potential to earn an epic rating. 

Your mission is to navigate through the level by jumping over spikes with precision. Level up as you showcase your best jumping skills. Fly and flip your way through fun and challenging spike obstacles. How far can you go? Compete against other players to see who can complete this version in the shortest time possible.

Soundtrack's Fun Fact

Players will groove to the funky upbeat glitch hop track, "Just Kidding!" by Zelgeon. This lively song features jazzy chords, groovy basslines, and hip hop beats that will make you want to dance. According to the author, this track was originally created for a subcompetition of Chips Compo called Salsa Compo. In this unique competition, participants had to create a track using a provided sample pack. This outstanding track earned the 1st place in the competition.

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