Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track
Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track

Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track

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Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track

Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track, created by Crepuscole, is a Hard level that has a 5-star difficulty rating and has gained significant popularity among players. This level serves as a remake of the original level called Back On Track. It is the second level in the Ruby Pack. Initially, it was notorious for its exceptionally high difficulty for a 5-star level, mainly due to the numerous tricks and fast speed it required. Players needed to practice and memorize the level more than usual for Hard levels. However, a 2.1 update made the level somewhat easier by addressing the most challenging areas.

About the Gameplay

The level begins with a cube section at a normal speed. The blocks in this section have a light background color and are slightly more decorated compared to the standard Back On Track level. Following this, there is a double-speed portal. This part of the level contains many tricky elements, and judging distances can be difficult in some sections. After that, there is a double-speed ship sequence, which is not overly challenging. The level then progresses to a triple-speed section before returning to a cube. This cube section is slightly easier than the double-speed cube. Towards the end of the level, the background changes to black, and the colored blocks transform into colored outlines. Finally, the level comes to an end.

Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track's Trivia

  • The level consists of 9,550 objects.
  • There is a prequel to this level called Stereo Dynamicness, which is also part of a map pack level in the Shiny Pack.
  • Crepuscole considered rating the level as Insane with 8 stars.
  • On March 4, 2017, Crepuscole's account was hacked by another player named Cos8o, who made updates to the level, including the addition of three user coins. Cos8o even asked users if the level should be made easier. However, the account was returned to Crepuscole the following day.
  • On April 2, 2017, the level received a nerf in an update, but a key was added to restore the level to its original gameplay.
  • There is another level called Crepuscule Challenge, rated 8 stars, which is essentially a nearly invisible version of Geometry Dash Dynamic On Track.

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