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Map Packs

Map Packs

Map Packs are a feature in the popular game Geometry Dash and consist of a selection of user-created levels that are sorted into packs based on similar difficulty and star ratings. The packs typically include three levels each and offer standard level rewards for making progress. Moreover, players receive 2 to 10 stars and 1 secret coin upon successfully completing a full map pack, while a Demon difficulty map pack provides 2 secret coins. Completing map packs also allows players to earn achievements.

Update History

  • Update 1.6 introduced 25 map packs, including Beginner, Normal, Remix 1, Stereo, Hard, Morph, Challenge, Remix 2, Dash, Expert, Remix 3, Fusion, Turbo 1, Turbo 2, Chaos, and Remix 4 packs, as well as Demon Packs 1 to 9.
  • Update 1.7 included 14 map packs, such as Phoenix, Power, Elemental, Fast, Bionic, Shatter, Twisted, Mortal, and Magma packs, along with Demon Packs 10 to 14.
  • Update 1.8 (1.81) added 15 map packs, including Sapphire, UFO, Amethyst, Ruby, Shiny, Color, Warp, Cyclone, Colossus, Diamond, Paradox, and Funky packs, as well as Demon Packs 15, 16, and 17.
  • Update 1.9 did not include any map packs.
  • Update 2.0 (2.01) introduced 11 map packs, including Alpha, Force, Cookie, Electro, Laser, Glow, Spirit, Ion, Blade, Sparkle, and Happy packs.
  • Update 2.1 did not include any map packs.

Interesting Facts

  • It's cool that the Beginner Pack, Normal Pack, and Stereo Pack are the only map packs that do not contain a level of the same difficulty as their own rating. This adds some variety to the game and challenges players to adapt to different types of levels.
  • It's interesting that the Magma Pack originally had a higher difficulty rating than its levels actually warranted (this pack originally had a difficulty of Demon despite only containing levels rated as Insane). This could have caused some confusion for players who were expecting more challenging levels, so its difficulty was changed to Insane during Update 1.8.
  • Kappaclysm from the Blade Pack is the only level that has been featured in both a map pack and a gauntlet, making it notable among the levels in the game.
  • Some creators have contributed a significant number of levels to be included in map packs, including IIINePtunEIII with 19 levels, TheRealDarnoc with 14 levels, and ZenthicAlpha with 10 levels, showcasing their contributions to the game's content.
  • Custom music is featured in 12 map packs, but none of them are from map packs with Insane or Demon difficulty levels, indicating the inclusion of unique music in certain map packs as an added feature for players' enjoyment.


Map PackPack starsLevelCreatorLevel starsUser coins
Alpha Pack2SonarJerkRat2Verified
Dark ParadiseRoli GD2Verified
Beginner Pack3Level EasyIAmCody ^3No 
End Of LinePMK3Unverified



Map PackPack starsLevelCreatorLevel starsUser coins
Sapphire Pack3Back on Track RMZenthicAlpha3Unverified
flappy hexagonCreator Cloud4No
Force Pack3endlessFlappySheepy3No
Cookie Pack3Glitter Madness 2k15Glittershroom3No 
Remake Level 2KFAOpitar3No
Mystery DungeonVermillion3No 
Normal Pack4Polargeist v01Mixroid4No 
square adventurediamond ^4No
High hillHakucho789 ^4No 
Remix Pack 14stereo madness v2IIINePtunEIII3No
Back on Track v2IIINePtunEIII4No
Polargeist v2IIINePtunEIII4No
Stereo Pack4EasyMrCheeseTigrr4Verified
Stereo Madness XSpacePark ^4No 
Stereo Madness v2Sumsar4Unverified



Map PackPack starsLevelCreatorLevel starsUser coins
 UFO Pack 4UFO MadnessZelLink3Unverified
UFO on TrackZelLink4Unverified
Amethyst Pack 4Dry Out RMZenthicAlpha4Unverified
Hexagon HyperDriveMitchell4No
simple cloudCreator Cloud4No
Ruby Pack 4GoldenClubJeyzor4No
Dynamic On Trackcrepuscole5No
Electro Pack 4ElectroWorldASonicMen4Verified
Globe NavigationDhafin4Verified
Lunar OceanGelt4No
Laser Pack 4Crystal BlossomsFlorent4Verified
Gabber FlyJerkRat4Verified
 Glow Pack 4Ruinest ZoneVolkmire2894No
Captain JonneGlittershroom4No
 Spirit Pack 4EdificationRoli GD4Verified
 Hard Pack 5geometry level5duck (unregistered)5No
1Cody (unregistered)5No
Partition MadnessPartition4Unverified
Morph Pack  5 stage of madnessnurong35No
Stage MixiDontExist (unregistered)5No
polargeist reverseRealKamijo5No
 Phoenix Pack  5Polargeist XSpacePark (unregistered)5No
Standard MadnessIIINePtunEIII5No
Stereo Electro v3Zeus (unregistered)5No
 Power Pack 5IcelandZenthicAlpha5No
Stage MixNakatoshi (unregistered)5No
Polargeist v2Sumsar6No
 Shiny Pack 5stereo dynamicnesscrepuscole5No
Glitter JumperGlittershroom5No
Time is EcoGelt6No
 Ion Pack 5AfterglowT3chno5Verified
The PrismASonicMen5No
 Blade Pack 5KappaclysmGlittershroom6No
Soul RefractionZenthicAlpha5Unverified
 Sparkle Pack 5GalaxiumViPriN5Verified
Galaxy PurpleZenthiMegax5Verified



Map PackPack starsLevelCreatorLevel starsUser coins
Challenge Pack 6Utopia DashTheRealDarnoc5No
Can’t Let Go v2Rabbitical6No
Cytic FlowTheRealDarnoc6No
Remix Pack 2 6Dry out v2IIINePtunEIII6No
Base After Base v2IIINePtunEIII6No
Cant let go v2IIINePtunEIII8No
Dash Pack 6HopperRocKdeAd (unregistered)6No
Dizzy WorldYunHaSeu146No
Elemental Pack 6Flappy UfoJXAN (unregistered)6No
Back On Track v2Sumsar6No
Electro polargeistFindexi6No
Fast Pack 6fast stereo madnesscroshz6No
fast back on trackcroshz7No
fast polargeistcroshz7No
 Color Pack 6Little JumpyPunkySoul6No
GMD Level MixPredawn6No
Time TechnologyRublock56No
Happy Pack 6Tiny TunesJerkRat6Verified
 Expert Pack75Cody (unregistered)7No
xStepCody (unregistered)7No
JumperCody (unregistered)7No
 Bionic Pack  7 VertigoLyod7No
Warp Pack 7Time ExtensionGelt6No
FunnyGame HolidayFunnyGame7No
ToECody (unregistered)7No



Map PackPack starsLevelCreatorLevel starsUser coins
 Remix Pack 3 8Jumper v2IIINePtunEIII8No
Time Machine v2IIINePtunEIII8No
Cycles v2IIINePtunEIII9No
 Fusion Pack 8 8ClashTheRealDarnoc8No
Very hard CLGFunnyGame8No
Clutterfunk Remixqurnl2012 (unregistered)8No
 Turbo Pack 1 8Electric FreezeTheRealDarnoc8No
ice cave v4KeTiS (unregistered)7No
 Turbo Pack 2 8Hyper ice JumperLyod8No
Made in vuosaarigeometry god (unregistered)8No
Hahaha Normal MapRealHaHaHa8No
 Shatter Pack 8Cronos FantasyFunnyGame8No
Mathymbol AlphaZenthicAlpha8No
Mystic JumperTheRealDarnoc8No
 Twisted Pack 8Corrupted KingdomBlazeJcy8No
Scene MachineTheRealDarnoc8No
Tyrian wallJabbagrullo8No
 Mortal Pack 8Tetris zoneExperience D8No
Royal SkyFunnyGame8No
Funky DiceMrCheeseTigrr9No
 Cyclone Pack 8Theory Of TheorySumsar8No
system outRealKamijo8No
 Colossus Pack 8LuminosoViPriN8No
Electro DarnoXBaskerville9No
Heptagon ForceSumsar8No
 Diamond Pack 8Into the deepZenthicAlpha8No
Hexagon AdventureSMBlacktime8No
 Chaos Pack 9Polargeist HDVENZA9No
Theory of RelativityVENZA9Unverified
Final StepTheRealDarnoc8No
 Magma Pack 9Time Machine x3KriticK8No
Gravity CyclesTerminus M9No
 Paradox Pack 9CheckmateFunnyGame9No
Dimensional ShiftLyod9No
 Funky Pack 9Funky CaveGelt9No
Hexagon Force V2Findexi9No



Map PackPack starsLevelCreatorLevel starsUser coins
Remix Pack 410Xstep v2IIINePtunEIII10No
Clutterfunk v2IIINePtunEIII10No
Theory of every v2IIINePtunEIII10No
 Demon Pack 1 10yStepTheRealDarnoc10No
demon parkM2coL10No
Extreme FantasyRabbitical10No
 Demon Pack 2 10Super CyclesJax10No
Hextec FlowTheRealDarnoc10No
 Demon Pack 3 10CrescendoMasK46310No
The NightmareJax10No
THE LIGHTNING ROAD timeless real10No
 Demon Pack 4 10demon jumperPlayer (unregistered)10No
Sky RealmTheRealDarnoc10No
Beautiful Chaosdarnoc2 (unregistered)10No
 Demon Pack 5 10Radioactive DemonMrCheeseTigrr10No
Apocalypse EveMasK46310No
Way of the DarknessIIINePtunEIII10No
 Demon Pack 6 10ClubdropTheRealDarnoc10No
Ice of dawnExperience D10No
 Demon Pack 7 10Natural stepTrueNature10No
absolute  zeroBEkID144210No
Electroman Adven v2IIINePtunEIII10No
 Demon Pack 8 10Impulse               MrCheeseTigrr10No
cyber paradisetunar9810No
 Demon Pack 9 10Clubstep v2IIINePtunEIII10No
Electro randgw-madboy (unregistered)10No
 Demon Pack 10 10DarnocDynamixTheRealDarnoc10No
Ripplez AdventuresRabbitical10No
 Demon Pack 11 10Restricted AreaZenthicAlpha10No
Flappy WeirdTheSuperbot10No
pg clubsteppg100410No
Demon Pack 12 10GenesisFunnyGame10No
DarnoCant let goBEkID144210No
Death StepFunnyGame10No
 Demon Pack 13 10DeathFunkIIINePtunEIII10No
time pressureAeonAir10No
Lights And ThunderLyod10No
 Demon Pack 14 10ChaoticMrCheeseTigrr10No
Crazy BoltFunnyGame10No
Electrodynamix v2IIINePtunEIII10No
 Demon Pack 15 1012 ClutterfunkCody (unregistered)10No
Mechanic DownforceZenthicAlpha10No
Hexagon Force v2IIINePtunEIII10No
 Demon Pack 16 10Steam ChamberTheRealDarnoc10No
Dimension MachinePunkySoul10No
 Demon Pack 17 10Buck ForceRob Buck10Verified
moon adventureExperience D10No
Laser RoomTrueNature10No