Geometry Dash Error
Geometry Dash Error

Geometry Dash Error

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Geometry Dash Error

Geometry Dash Error is a level with a difficulty rating of Easy Demon. It was created by players iISanE and Arcania in version 2.11. While some players find this level easy, its short length of only 42 seconds poses a challenge. In terms of duration, it is one of the shortest levels in the game and the shortest among the Easy Demons. The level incorporates objects from version 1.9, adding to its unique style.

Level Description

The level begins with a straightforward cube stage. Your task is to jump on platforms to avoid falling and dying, while also avoiding spikes. There are no specific timings to worry about; you just need to click on the spheres at the right time. The speed remains consistent throughout this stage.

As the music becomes livelier, the character accelerates to the third speed. The next part features a short UFO section where spikes and saws become obstacles. After a split second, you need to make two clicks at a bifurcation. This is followed by an easy ball stage with simple clicks and timing. Next, there's a brief flight on a small ship. After that, you encounter a small cube where you have to jump from one platform to another, being careful of the lurking saws. This is followed by a short but slightly challenging wave section and another cube that provides a momentary respite.

The speed accelerates again to the third level, transforming the character into a UFO. In this section, you'll experience a change in gravity. Afterward, there's a short double ball stage that requires two clicks, followed by a small UFO segment and a cube where gravity changes twice. Then, you navigate a quick little ball section, moving from one platform to another while facing obstacles. The ball then grows in size. Next, you navigate around spiked pillars on a boat, followed by two clicks on a short cube, and another ship section, this time upside down and more complex. The final stage involves a double cube, where you jump from block to block using spheres. The character slows down, and an automatic part follows.

Level passed!

Facts about Geometry Dash Error

  • In early June 2020, Geometry Dash Error became a weekly demon.
  • This level is a remake of the level with the same name from the private server 1.9, created by the same builders.
  • Geometry Dash Error is the shortest Easy demon in the game, along with Hyper Fantasy.

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