Geometry Dash Firewall
Geometry Dash Firewall

Geometry Dash Firewall

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Geometry Dash Firewall

Geometry Dash Firewall by Hinds is classified as an Insane Demon level and has a rating of 10 stars. This level is famous for its flashy lights and colorful decorations. It is particularly difficult because of the wave parts and precise timings that players need to master. Unlike other levels, Firewall does not have moving objects, boss fights, or robot segments. Despite being a 2.0 level, it features gameplay similar to the 1.9 version, without those additional elements. The song used in the level starts where it ended in Fractured Circles.

About the Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Geometry Dash Firewall starts with a simple cube section that many players find annoying because of the triple spikes. As the music builds up, the difficulty increases with a faster and harder ball segment that requires precise timing. This is followed by a transition into a cube segment with timings, orbs, and jumps, and then a slower cube section with some timing challenges, jump orbs, and spikes, but it's relatively simple. The level then enters a double speed form, indicating that a challenging part is coming up. After a brief segment and an automatic section, the beat drops in the song, and the level becomes significantly more difficult.

This part of the level contains many sequences that are played at double or triple speed. The most challenging parts include the wave sections (which have tight spaces, triple speed, and require precise timing, similar to other levels in the Nine Circles series), the ship sections (which involve flying straight in a challenging manner), and the ball sections (which require precise timing). The cube sections in this part are comparatively easier. As the music slows down, the level becomes easier, leading to a final cube section that resembles the one in Breakthrough, gradually decreasing in difficulty. However, players need to be careful of quintuple spikes in triple speed near the end of the level.

Interesting Facts About the Level

Some interesting facts about the level include the ability for players to copy it freely. The level contains a total of 20,355 objects and has a length of 1 minute and 36 seconds. Unlike other Insane Demon levels, Geometry Dash Firewall does not have user coins. In the past, players used to refer to the first sequence of the level as "The paradise of Michigun" because of the large number of triple spikes. In a community survey, Geometry Dash Firewall was found to be the easiest Insane Demon on the servers. Additionally, a remake of Geometry Dash Firewall called "Mussum" has been created and featured.

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