Geometry Dash Windy Circles
Geometry Dash Windy Circles

Geometry Dash Windy Circles

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Geometry Dash Windy Circles

Geometry Dash Windy Circles is an Insane Demon level created by keiAs. The level has a rating of 10 stars and is known for its difficulty, as it is a remake of Nine Circles. The level is known for changing colors periodically and is decorated in a Nine Circles-like style.


Windy Circles starts with an invisible jump, which is a jump that is not visible to the player until they get close enough to it. The cube section that follows this is difficult and requires the player to use strategy to overcome the numerous timings and tricks. The player then enters a mini ship section that requires flying in tight spaces and going through a gravity portal. The following ball section requires timings and tricks as well. The player then goes into a moderately tight ship segment with a gravity portal.

The level then goes into a drop where the player must time a blue jump orb to avoid crashing. This is followed by the Nine Circles triple speed wave segment. This wave is marked by tight spaces, weirdly placed gravity portals, and memory sections. The player then enters a dual wave that starts out mini but later goes large. There is another wave section similar to the first one until there is an auto mini-wave section. This is followed by another section similar to the first one, but this section has parts that are either auto or require holding to pass. Finally, the level ends with a half-speed mini-wave segment.

The wave segments in Windy Circles use a white color scheme with a flashing background that cycles through the colors. The wave segments also contain several unique backgrounds. The level is considered to be hard, but possibly a medium Demon level due to the difficult memory segments and tight spaces.


  • Windy Circles contains 10,925 objects and was updated to make it much harder.
  • The older version of the level lacked many of the spikes and had the name "Windfall."
  • Windy Circles is one of the more difficult remakes of Nine Circles and is known for its challenging gameplay and unique visuals.