Geometry Dash Galaxium
Geometry Dash Galaxium

Geometry Dash Galaxium

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Geometry Dash Galaxium

Geometry Dash Galaxium is a Hard level that is rated 5 stars and 3 user coins. It was created through a collaboration between Viprin and ASonicMen and published by Viprin. Geometry Dash Galaxium is the first level in the Sparkle Pack. The level design is colorful and incorporates 2.0 effects to some extent, though it is not as complex as the levels made by Serponge. Nevertheless, the level is highly regarded as a level of exceptional quality.

Level Information

  • Level Name: Galaxium
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • User Coins: 3
  • Creators: Viprin and ASonicMen
  • Publisher: Viprin
  • Part of the Sparkle Pack

Gameplay Overview

Geometry Dash Galaxium is a visually appealing level that showcases the creative use of 2.0 effects, although it's not as complex as levels created by Serponge. Despite this, Galaxium is still considered a high-quality level that offers an enjoyable and challenging experience.

The level begins with a straightforward cube section that involves gravity portals and orbs. This is followed by a robot segment of similar difficulty, but slightly more challenging. Next, players encounter a relaxing UFO segment that can be easily completed with well-timed inputs. The UFO then transforms into a cube with a single jump.

As the level progresses, players enter a double-speed wave segment, marking the start of the more demanding sections. The following ship sequence is also moderately difficult, but experienced players should be able to navigate it successfully. The ship then transitions into another easy robot segment, which eventually becomes an auto section. It later transforms into a triple-speed gravity ball segment that may pose a challenge for players new to the level.

One of the trickier parts of the level is a UFO segment where obstacles are partially obscured by effects, making it difficult to anticipate and react. Players may need to rely on luck or find a reliable pattern to overcome this segment. Afterward, a challenging cube and wave switching pattern with numerous orbs follows. The wave segment appears twice at triple speed, requiring players to rapidly tap to keep up. The level concludes with a cube section displaying the names of the creators, Viprin and ASonicMen, along with the level's name, Galaxium.

Where are the User Coins?

  1. The first coin is located within the wave segment and can be easily seen in a small gap.
  2. The second coin is found in the subsequent ship segment. To collect it, players must descend between two sawblades instead of ascending.
  3. The third and final coin is hidden in the last part of the level, within the cube section. When the music transitions to a calmer phase, players should allow themselves to ascend instead of hitting a green orb. By doing so, they will collect the third coin and continue on the correct path.

Level’s Trivia

  • Password: 687354
  • Objects: The level contains 15,771 objects, contributing to its visually appealing design.
  • Length: Galaxium has a duration of 1 minute and 6 seconds.
  • Sparkle Pack: It is the first level included in the Sparkle Pack, providing players with a fresh set of levels to explore.
  • Remake: The level was later remade by Abbadox and Evoken33 under the name Galaxium v2, which received a feature.

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