Geometry Dash Game
Geometry Dash Game

Geometry Dash Game

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Geometry Dash Game

Geometry Dash Game is an engaging platform game with endless thrilling challenges. You will enjoy hours of delightful, but also extremely dramatic, entertainment. To have an impressive journey, skill and patience are extremely important. You will accompany a small cube to perform the task of conquering geometric maps.

This engaging casual game has a total of 30 levels. To officially become a real pro in this world, you need to complete these levels in main mode. Each segment has surprising changes that require professional reflexes and keystrokes.

The Detailed Gameplay

In a level of Geometry Dash Game, you will maneuver an initial cube. In later segments, the character can transform into shapes with different movements. You guide your icon to avoid all dangers from spikes, gears, walls, slopes, etc. to reach the finish line. Any collision will cause the game to restart from the starting line.

Unlike the hit original game, this challenge requires players to unlock levels one after another. Of course, the difficulty will increase with more complex maps and situations.

Maneuver the Cube

This game introduces many options for you to control your character. These keys have exactly the same function, so you can choose: the W key, the spacebar, the up arrow key, or the click.

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