Geometry Dash Love Baba
Geometry Dash Love Baba

Geometry Dash Love Baba

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Geometry Dash Love Baba

Geometry Dash Love Baba is a collaboration between Zobros and Demonico17. This 2.0 Insane Demon level is rated 10 stars and features 3 user coins. It is known for its strict timings, particularly in the final ship sequence, and is considered an Insane Demon, although it has subpar decorations by 2.0 standards. The level was created during a time when Zobros was experiencing extreme joint pain, which influenced its design.

History: A Surprising April Fools' Level

Geometry Dash Love Baba was published on April Fools' Day in 2016. At first glance, it appears innocent with its T.V. static-like decoration. However, it quickly transforms into a poorly decorated and challenging level, featuring a ship made of orbs. The name "Love Baba" was inspired by the spam-bots that were attacking the Geometry Dash Forum. KrmaL was the first to complete the level on April 9, 2016, and considered it underrated and one of Zobros' toughest levels.

Zobros refused to play the level until it was rated because KrmaL's level, "Don't Rate This Level," was ironically rated. Zobros wanted to see another poorly decorated level receive a rating. Fortunately, Love Baba was eventually star-rated as an Insane Demon due to its tricky timings and the demanding last ship sequence.

A Variety of Challenges

Geometry Dash Love Baba begins with a half-speed cube section that requires precise timings. The player then enters a ball segment, which also demands careful timing. This is followed by a robot segment with tight timings. Ironically, in the middle of the section, the words "Great Gaemplay" are displayed. Next, the player encounters a ship sequence that involves navigating through tight spaces while switching gravity. The player then transitions back into a ball segment, which is relatively brief and requires a few clicks.

Afterwards, the player faces a challenging UFO segment that involves maneuvering through constantly moving spaces. Towards the end of the UFO segment, the top and bottom spiked floors start to move, and the player must stay in the middle to avoid them.

The level takes an unexpected turn as the player enters a short automatic cube section, and the level fades to black. Suddenly, the level becomes poorly decorated. The player controls a faster ship and must avoid moving and invisible saw-blades. Additionally, they need to memorize which orbs to hit in a section with many orbs. The ship segment ends with flashing colors in the background, text featuring the words "c a n cc e r pl ss," and the player needing to fly upwards to avoid a wall of invisible spikes.

The final section starts with an automatic cube segment where monsters appear directly above the player. Text pops up, and the player must jump over five spikes before the level ends.

Interesting Facts about the Level

  • The password for the level is 470008.
  • The level contains 20,853 objects.
  • The level lasts for 1 minute and 12 seconds.
  • Despite its star-rating, many players disagreed with the level being deserving of a star due to its poor decorations, difficult gameplay, and the challenging final ship sequence.

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