Geometry Dash Haunted Warehouse
Geometry Dash Haunted Warehouse

Geometry Dash Haunted Warehouse

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Geometry Dash Haunted Warehouse

Geometry Dash Haunted Warehouse will bring you the haunting atmosphere. Created by the talented Nico99, this epic Harder level is rated an impressive 7 stars and 3 user coins. Nico99 has gone above and beyond with this themed level, incorporating stunning pixel art that adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. The level's design and decoration are exceptionally clean and visually appealing, showcasing Nico99's attention to detail.

"This time, I decided to build a themed level, I hope you like it!!!" - Said Nico99

The synchronization between the gameplay and the perfectly fitting song is flawlessly executed, enhancing the overall experience. Nico99 has even added arrows in certain sections to guide players, and many players hope to see even more of them in future creations.

Challenging Coin Collection: Tips

Challenge seekers will be delighted to know that all the coins in this level are more difficult to obtain than the normal route. Each coin presents its own unique challenge while providing clear clues on how to acquire them.

  • The first coin, a silver one, requires you to obtain a small spark, cleverly disguised as a key. Unlocking another route, you'll transform into a robot and have the opportunity to collect the coin.
  • The second coin, also silver, demands exceptional agility. Players must descend and ascend rapidly, utilizing both the spacebar and mouse simultaneously. Unlocking another route in the subsequent section, you'll reach the coin. 
  • The third coin, a gold treasure, proves to be quite demanding. During the ship segment, players must skillfully avoid all the keys located in the middle. Choosing to bypass them and executing precise straight-flying through narrow spaces will reward you with the coveted coin. This coin's unique twist lies in the fact that the keys actually make the normal route easier, making the achievement all the more impressive.

A Captivating and Highly Anticipated Creation

While the level's designs may not be groundbreaking, the inclusion of remarkable pixel art adds originality and perfectly complements the theme. The super cool and spooky atmosphere, inspired by games like Terraria, Pokemon, and Starbound, has captivated players, who are especially thrilled by the appearance of iconic items like the Horseman's Blade. The terraria-themed sprites are exceptionally well-crafted and have received high praise from the community.

Players are raving about Nico99's creation, with many considering it a perfect fit for Shadow Gauntlet. This level has taken the Geometry Dash community by storm, leaving players eagerly anticipating what Nico99 has in store for them next.

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