Geometry Dash Hexagon Hyperdrive
Geometry Dash Hexagon Hyperdrive

Geometry Dash Hexagon Hyperdrive

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Geometry Dash Hexagon Hyperdrive

Geometry Dash Hexagon Hyperdrive, created by Mitchell, is a Hard level that has been given a 4-star rating. It serves as the first level in the Hexagon Hyperdrive series and is also the second level in the Amethyst Pack.

Gameplay Overview

Geometry Dash Hexagon Hyperdrive begins with an automatic cube section, where the player doesn't need to control anything. Then, they enter a ship sequence, but they are unable to take any action until they navigate between the blocks. The next part involves controlling a cube, which is a bit more challenging and requires some memorization, though it is still relatively easy. Arrows provide guidance on when to jump. The subsequent ship sequence is straightforward, but simply doing nothing won't save the player this time. Exclamation marks indicate the presence of blocks that need to be avoided. In the following cube section, the player needs to jump earlier than they might expect. A mini cube section follows, which is automatic, and the level concludes with the creator's name displayed without the letters 'ell', along with the text "12 MIL".

Level’s Trivia

  • The level cannot be copied, although it was possible to copy it freely before an update.
  • The level consists of 4,080 objects.
  • Geometry Dash Hexagon Hyperdrive is the most well-known in the Amethyst Pack.
    • Previously, players could copy this level, but in May 2020, an update removed the copy button, making it no longer possible to copy.
    • Unlike other levels in the Amethyst Pack, this level features more ship sequences than cube sequences.
    • At the beginning of the level, with precise timing, players can pass through a sawblade and access a secret path. However, they will eventually encounter a fatal obstacle.