Geometry Dash Holity

Geometry Dash Holity

Geometry Dash Holity

Geometry Dash Holity

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Geometry Dash Holity

Geometry Dash Holity

Geometry Dash Holity

Geometry Dash Holity, created by Apstrom, R3S1GNAT10N (also known as R3S1GNAT1ON), and Baanz (also known as Banzer), is an Epic Harder level. This level has gained recognition for its challenging nature, evident in its 7-star rating and the presence of 3 user coins.

Level Overview

In Geometry Dash Holity, your objective is to navigate a series of platforms with precise timing. The gameplay centers around controlling a small square that moves forward automatically, requiring you to focus on timing your jumps accurately to progress. Mastering the art of timing jumps is essential to succeed in this cosmic geometric adventure.

The game features various mechanics and obstacles, including:

  • Avoiding thorns to maintain your progress.
  • To maneuver in ship mode, you can ascend and descend by holding and releasing the controls.
  • Utilizing the yellow board to achieve high jumps.
  • Interacting with blue pads to jump higher when the gravity gate is deactivated.
  • Collecting coins to earn bonus points.
  • Toggling effects, potentially reducing delays, by pressing the 'L' key.


Geometry Dash Holity encourages players to continually surpass their previous best scores, pushing their skills to the limit. The game's geometric shapes and challenging gameplay create an engaging and competitive experience.

To start playing Geometry Dash Holity, you have the option to click or use the [up], [w], or [space] keys to jump and interact with the game's mechanics.

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