Geometry Dash Unity
Geometry Dash Unity

Geometry Dash Unity

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Geometry Dash Unity

Geometry Dash Unity, created by TriAxis and Funnygame, is an Insane level that has a rating of 8 stars. In this level, players will encounter numerous tricks, traps, and tight spaces that require skill and precision to navigate. The level is also known for its intricate designs, including retro-style displays, walls covering all sides of the screen, and vibrant rainbow backgrounds.

Gameplay Breakdown

The level begins with a relatively easy cube section that includes some traps and tricks. After that, the player enters a mini UFO segment where they must navigate through moving "balls" that can easily cause the player to fail. This segment also includes various tricks to keep the gameplay engaging.

Next, the player continues as a UFO, encountering Tetris-themed walls and a square-shaped pulsing "block" that covers the UFO. This part is more challenging than the previous UFO section due to the tight spaces. Following the UFO segment, the player transforms into a mini ship, with a spaceship covering it. Harmful "lasers" appear randomly in this section, adding to the difficulty.

After the laser section, a loading "bar" appears in the corner. Once the bar reaches 100%, the player transforms into a wave with a rainbow background, and objects start coming up from the ground. This part of the level is particularly well-known, as players must skillfully avoid five metal bars that continuously try to attack them.

After the wave segment, the player transforms into a very easy dual ball, followed by a simple dual robot segment. Finally, the level concludes with another straightforward dual ball segment.

User Coins

There are three user coins in Geometry Dash Unity, each located at different points:

  • The first coin is found at 44% during the first mini ship sequence. It is positioned at the top and marked by a "Super Mario World" style coin. Obtaining it is challenging due to various obstacles and straight flying, but it is not excessively difficult.
  • The second coin is located at 65% within the first wave segment. It can be found at the bottom of a large cube, requiring the player to make a slight movement to collect it and then return upward. Obtaining this coin is fairly difficult.
  • The third coin is located at 92% in the last dual robot segment. It is hidden inside a "cube" and requires precise timing because there is only one block space available for each robot. There is a high risk of crashing into a wall when attempting to collect this coin.

Geometry Dash Unity’s Trivia

  • The password for the level is 1905.
  • The level contains a total of 23,831 objects.
  • If the player crashes at 7% where FunnyGame and TriAxis's names appear, they will humorously change to BunnyGame and FriAxis.
    • TriAxis commented on the level, mentioning that FriAxis is a name Darnoc accidentally called TriAxis, and BunnyGame is a joke made up by FunnyGame.
  • As of May 8, 2021, it is the most-liked insane-rated level, with over 1.1 million likes.
  • There is a medium-difficulty demon level called Unitika that was inspired by Unity.

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