Geometry Dash Kappa Boss Fight
Geometry Dash Kappa Boss Fight

Geometry Dash Kappa Boss Fight

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Geometry Dash Kappa Boss Fight

Geometry Dash Kappa Boss Fight, created by Jeyzor, is an Insane Demon level rated 10 stars with 2 user coins. This level is meant to be a humorous experience inspired by the popular Twitch emoji, Kappa.

Challenging the Kappa Boss

The level begins with a mini-ball segment that requires precise timing to navigate through tight spaces and avoid spikes. Rainbow-colored text appears, displaying the lyrics of the song. The ball part ends with an auto-section that utilizes gravity portals and shaking rainbow-text that reads "WOMBO COMBO."

After the ball section, the player faces the boss fight. The background features Lenny faces, and there are hazards in the form of Eve of Providence signs (Illuminati symbols). The boss itself is a pixelated version of the Kappa emoji. In the boss fight, the player controls a ship with triple-speed. The player constantly switches gravity, changes size, and transforms into a wave during the battle.

The boss unleashes various attacks, such as shooting lasers from its eyes and mouth (accompanied by a rainbow effect), attempting to hit the player with smaller versions of itself, and even spilling salt on the player. The player must dodge these attacks by straight-flying and spamming as a wave. There is also an attack where the player turns into a mini-UFO, and three smaller Kappas try to hit the player from behind. The player needs to dodge them when a red-plus sign appears before the attack.

The mini-UFO segment ends with a short auto-section featuring a chat box with references to other players, including Jeyzor, and two airhorns. As the boss fight nears its end, the player speeds up as a wave. Two Kappas, one with pointy ears and a cigarette, appear and perform similar attacks as before, but the player must dodge them solely as a wave. Text saying "LOL they're kissing XDDD" is displayed when the Kappas are close to each other. Geometry Dash Kappa Boss Fight concludes with the Kappa wearing pixelated sunglasses, fading to white, and revealing an Illuminati sign wearing one-lensed pixelated sunglasses and a golden necklace that says "deal with it bruh."

Hidden Challenges

Geometry Dash Kappa Boss Fight contains two user coins. The first coin is located in the first mini-ball segment. To obtain it, the player must tap or click early to make the ball hit a gravity portal, propelling it onto the first platform where the coin is located. The second and final coin is found during the last part of the level. As the boss fight is about to end, the player, in wave form, must grab the coin when an airhorn appears and releases it.


  • The password for the level is 009001.
  • The level contains 25,279 objects.
  • The level has a duration of 1 minute and 5 seconds.
  • It was nominated for and won the Best Bossfight category in the 2.0 Geometry Dash Awards.
  • A sequel to this level called PogChamp Boss Fight was also created by Jeyzor.
  • During the chat box auto-section, other players like Jeyzor, loogiah, Findexi, and even RobTop can be seen.

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