Geometry Dash Kotoruption
Geometry Dash Kotoruption

Geometry Dash Kotoruption

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Geometry Dash Kotoruption

Geometry Dash Kotoruption is an Epic Medium Demon level in Geometry Dash. It is rated 10 stars and has 3 user coins. The level was created by Alex1304 and is known as one of the most popular demons in version 2.1. The high-quality gameplay, typical of Alex1304's creations, is the main reason for its popularity. The level poses a challenge due to its high speed throughout most of the gameplay, as well as precise timings and narrow passages. The synchronization with the soundtrack is excellent, adding to the overall experience.

In terms of decoration, Geometry Dash Kotoruption falls short compared to its gameplay. The level features a basic style with a lava theme. The homemade backgrounds are unremarkable, but the design of the blocks is decent, albeit a bit repetitive.

About the Gameplay

Geometry Dash Kotoruption begins with a slow cube section where you need to navigate over blocks and spheres. There are some challenging parts, but they are relatively few. It's worth noting that the speed of this section changes periodically due to invisible accelerators. The character then transforms into a spider and gains significant speed. While this part may be challenging initially, it gradually becomes simpler. The gameplay then transitions to a ball section with similar mechanics, but the screen expands, adding a bit of complexity. Afterward, the character turns into a robot and slows down. This is followed by a cube section that gradually accelerates, accompanied by captions and simple art.

The drop section begins, where the character accelerates and undergoes constant shape changes. This part offers complex gameplay with timings and difficult sections. There is a short break featuring the same art as before the drop, followed by a similar but easier section. The final cube section concludes the level, showcasing the author's cube art and logo.

Coins Info

  • The first coin is located at 30% during the ball stage. To collect it, you need to fly 29% into the tunnel between the spikes.
  • The second coin is at 63% during the double wave stage. Collect it by flying through the block.
    • The key to the third coin is at 72% during the wave stage. Slide along the top block to retrieve it.
  • The third coin is at 92% during the cube stage. You can collect it without clicking on the black sphere.

Level Facts 

  • This level was the 13th weekly demon from February 5 to February 12, 2018.
    • It is the second weekly medium demon, with the first being Mechanical Showdown.
  • Geometry Dash Kotoruption was created for Viprin's "Gauntlet Contest 2," but did not place in the competition.

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