Geometry Dash Phantom
Geometry Dash Phantom

Geometry Dash Phantom

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Geometry Dash Phantom

Geometry Dash Phantom, created by TheRealSalad, is an Epic Hard level that has received a 5-star rating and features 3 user coins. This level has achieved a special status by being inducted into the hall of fame.

Gameplay Breakdown

Geometry Dash Phantom begins with a cube stage where the player collects a skull above the first spikes. A platform slides out to the right, and the player needs to jump on pillars while avoiding a bat's fireball. Afterward, the player bounces off a red sphere, jumps over spikes on a platform, falls onto another platform, and bounces off a yellow sphere. Purple water rises from below, and the player transforms into a ship. In this section, the ship must navigate between water and pillars, constantly changing in size, while also dodging purple balls.

There is a brief cube stage, followed by a spider stage. The player must maneuver around pillars with spikes, bounce off a trampoline, and hold onto the arrow sphere. The pillars are navigated again, and a bat emerges from below. The player transforms into a small UFO, flying around fireballs and bats. Here, the first coin can be collected by obtaining three small coins. The player then becomes a small cube, jumping on pillars and over spikes. The character moves upward and enlarges, bouncing off spheres. The cube becomes bifurcated, which is a relatively easy part to pass. The spider section follows, requiring the player to navigate around pillars, jump on trampolines and spheres. Subsequently, there is a light wave with size changes.

The level continues with a cube stage, where the player bounces off trampolines and holds the arrow sphere. The player transforms into a ship, facing a similar gameplay style of passing between black water and pillars with gears. Then comes the robot stage, where the player jumps on platforms and spheres. The second coin can be collected during this section. A ball section follows, involving gravity changes and moving from platform to platform. Another cube segment requires jumping on pillars and spheres. The gameplay then returns to the ship mode, with similar mechanics. The player transforms into a small UFO, encountering size changes. 

Another cube stage follows, with jumping on pillars, platforms, and spheres. Then, there is another simple wave section. The player navigates a spider part, going around pillars, and then a short UFO segment, maneuvering around pillars. The level continues with a robot part, requiring jumping over spikes and on platforms. The third coin can be collected by maneuvering through obstacles in the spider mode. The gameplay concludes with flying around spinning blocks and fireballs. Geometry Dash Phantom ends with the player jumping over spikes, and the creator's nickname appears at the top.

Where Are The Coins And How To Collect Them?

  1. The first coin is located at 26%. To collect it, the player needs to obtain 3 small coins.
  2. The second coin is found at 56% during the stage. It can be collected by jumping over the trampoline instead of bouncing off it.
  3. The third coin is hidden in a secret passage at 88% and can be accessed by bouncing off an invisible sphere in the robot stage.

Interesting Facts

  • Geometry Dash Phantom is the longest one created by the author.
  • It is the most popular rated level in the epic hard category.
  • Geometry Dash Phantom is the first level to become a daily feature.
  • The level incorporates all game modes, offering a varied gameplay experience.

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