Geometry Dash Rate Demon
Geometry Dash Rate Demon

Geometry Dash Rate Demon

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Geometry Dash Rate Demon

Geometry Dash Rate Demon is an Extreme Demon level created by a player named RoiMousti and verified by another player named Dorami. The level was published on April 17, 2018. Rate Demon has a rating of 10 stars out of 10 and also has a user coin that players can collect. RoiMousti, the creator of the level, used a lot of glowing colors and flashing effects in their usual style. The gameplay of the level requires precise timing and includes sections where the player controls a flying object.

The level's name, Rate Demon, is a joke and a parody of other levels in the game. Some players created levels and asked others to rate them as "Demon" difficulty, which is the highest difficulty level in the game. This was a way for those players to get recognition for their levels. Rate Demon level makes fun of this by incorporating the name into its design.

Level Breakdown

  • The level starts with a cube part where the player needs to navigate through obstacles with tight timings.
  • After the cube part, there is an automatic section where a cube animation steals creator points and displays a message.
  • The player then becomes a ship and needs to fly through spikes and gravity portals.
  • There is a section with a double-speed cube and tight orb timings.
  • The level's drop is reached through an automatic segment at triple speed, and there are a few final jumps at the end.
  • The hardest part of the level is a long section where the player controls a robot at triple speed. The orb timings in this section are particularly challenging.
  • After the robot part, there is a long ship section with constant changes in size and gravity.
  • The level concludes with a double-speed cube section, where the player needs to time their movements tightly, including a difficult blue orb timing at the end.

Geometry Dash Rate Demon also includes a user coin, which is automatically collected by the player after they pass a blue orb at the end of the level.

Overall, the level is considered satisfying and consistent, but some players found it difficult to complete. The robot part during the drop was seen as the most enjoyable section, while the ship part at the end was considered the hardest.

Additional Information About the Level

  • It contains a total of 40,134 objects.
  • The level's duration is 53 seconds, but it appears longer in the game due to a trick used by the creator.
  • The level was initially ranked 35th on the Demonlist, a list of the toughest levels in the game.
  • The level has fallen off and re-entered the Demonlist multiple times.
  • It gained a notorious reputation for its unfun gameplay.
  • In a video ranking extreme demon levels, it was ranked as the second worst by a player named Stormfly.
  • Some players, like Technical, enjoyed the level.
  • The placement of another level called Shardscapes caused Rate Demon to be moved to the Legacy List of the Demonlist.

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