Geometry Dash Schiarendo
Geometry Dash Schiarendo

Geometry Dash Schiarendo

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Geometry Dash Schiarendo

Geometry Dash Schiarendo is an Epic Insane level, rated at 8 stars with 3 user coins. Created by the talented UserMatt18, this level showcases the dedication of fans to elevate the original Geometry Dash game to greater heights.

Game Controls

  • To jump and navigate through the level, press [up], [w], [space], [ctrl], [capsLK], or click.
  • Land precisely on the yellow rings to progress.

Tips to Navigate the Level

  • In ship mode, hold the control to ascend and release it to descend while avoiding spikes.
  • Encounter a yellow pad to perform a high jump.
  • Spot a blue pad for an even higher jump, but watch out for missing gravity portals.
  • Collect coins to earn bonus points and enhance your score.

About the Creator

UserMatt18, also known as UserMatt and LRMT18, is a popular Italian player and level creator in Geometry Dash. His levels feature captivating animations and vibrant designs. Notable creations include Rivals and Party Dance, both Demon levels, as well as 600 Years, a level made for one of Viprin's 1.9 Creator Contests. UserMatt18 achieved second place in Creepy Dash's creator contest with CoreBreaker, the first core-themed level that spawned a sequel called RealistikCore.

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