Geometry Dash Spooky House
Geometry Dash Spooky House

Geometry Dash Spooky House

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Geometry Dash Spooky House

Geometry Dash Spooky House will take you on a trip to a dark land filled with a Halloween atmosphere. The typical images of this spooky festival season appear extremely realistic, with desolate scenes. You can encounter pumpkins, ghosts, spooky castles, creepy monsters, and more. All these images make the game a test of the player's courage in addition to the skill.

This is a user-level game in the Geometry Dash community with 6-star Harder difficulty by creator Sxap. In this mysterious geometric map, there will be the appearance of 3 user coins. However, you don't necessarily need to collect those items. The most important goal is to guide a small cube to the finish line. Of course, no collisions are allowed.

Unlock the Engaging Features

  • Rhythm-based gameplay in a murky atmosphere with a soundtrack that can send chills down the spine.
  • The geometric map is meticulously designed with a series of diverse shapes.
  • The Halloween theme is not new, but it still creates curiosity with its unique gameplay.
  • The rules of the game are easy to understand, but winning is not simple.
  • Diversity in character transformation.
  • The segments are not separate but will have clear variations.

How to Play

You control your character to overcome all obstacles, and the cube is only allowed to land on spikeless surfaces. To take timely actions, you should choose the most convenient key for yourself with the up arrow, the spacebar, or the left-click.

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