Geometry Subzero

Geometry Subzero

Geometry Subzero

Geometry Subzero

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Geometry Dash Subzero

Geometry Subzero

Geometry Subzero

Geometry Dash Subzero fans, experience the thrill with the latest fan-made game: Geometry Subzero! A rhythm-based challenge game for all enthusiasts. Jump in, brace yourself, and get ready for dangerous passages and thorny obstacles! This won't be easy... This game is easy to play, just tap to jump and flap. After some levels, another feature will be available: as a double-jump, slither under the obstacles, unlock new geometry lite characters ...and more.

Geometry Dash returns with its excellent sequel, Geometry Subzero, just when you thought you'd had your fill of platforming games! This newest release allows you to manage a geometric form from one area of a level to the conclusion. However, like in the last game, the levels are riddled with traps that prevent you from finishing them! It is your responsibility to discover patterns and the safest paths to adopt in order to complete the risky levels in one piece.


  • Platform game with head-bopping rhythm
  • The soundtrack and level designs are fantastic
  • Get Geometry Subzero icons to make your geometric form more unique
  • Free-to-play

Move Around With the Game’s Rhythm

Geometry Subzero has an amazing music that plays throughout the game. Each level has its own soundtrack, so you'll have to listen to it while you find out what hazards await you.

Use the song's rhythm to keep track of the many dangers you met throughout your run. You'll have an auditory cue when that part of the map appears, and you'll be able to respond properly. In rare circumstances, the music might help you avoid oncoming bullets, spikes, and falling debris. You may also improve your speed by bouncing on some ingeniously placed cushions.

Geometry Subzero icons are obtained by completing levels. These may be used to modify the appearance of your geometric form. The more Geometry Subzero symbols you collect, the more stuff you will be able to access! Are you itching to get started? Play Geometry Subzero right now to see how far you can control your form by leaping off cliffs, dodging different obstacles, and completing stages of increasing complexity!