Geometry Dash Super Cycles

Geometry Dash Super Cycles

Geometry Dash Super Cycles

Geometry Dash Super Cycles

Geometry Dash Super Cycles

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Geometry Dash Super Cycles

Geometry Dash Super Cycles is an exhilarating Easy Demon level rated 10 stars, created and published by GW Jax. As the first level in the Demon Pack 2 level set, it has gained significant recognition and popularity within the Geometry Dash community. Super Cycles stands out for its complexity and deceptive paths, serving as an inspiration for subsequent levels.


Super Cycles commences with a perplexing cube stage where players must navigate through multiple paths, requiring a sharp memory to select the correct route. Following this, a brief ship stage awaits, followed by another cube section where the player must once again choose the correct paths. The screen may also rotate intermittently, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Afterward, players encounter a moderately difficult ball stage, where precise timing and gravity manipulation are key. Utilizing trampolines and spheres strategically will aid in progress. The subsequent cube stage introduces changing gravity and screen rotation, although it is considered relatively easy.

The level progresses to a highly challenging segment featuring a small ball, accompanied by indicators denoting the level's version. Maneuvering through this section demands considerable skill. A ship stage follows, characterized by frequent shifts in gravity. While the trajectory is crucial, the stage itself is deemed relatively manageable. Subsequently, players face a ball stage with slightly increased speed, which remains fairly straightforward. The final stage concludes with a cube section containing trampoline traps that must be avoided.

By successfully navigating these diverse stages, players can emerge triumphant and complete the level.

Interesting Facts 

  • Initially rated as a Medium Demon level, Super Cycles was later downgraded to an Easy Demon level.
  • A secret path once existed in Super Cycles, allowing players to bypass the entire level. However, the creator removed this path after its discovery.
  • Within the hierarchy of the most popular demons, Super Cycles ranks 27th, showcasing its enduring appeal among players.

Embark on this epic journey in Geometry Dash Super Cycles, and challenge your memory, reflexes, and perseverance to conquer this renowned Easy Demon level. Good luck, and may you master the paths ahead!