Geometry Dash SuperNova

Geometry Dash SuperNova

Geometry Dash SuperNova

Geometry Dash SuperNova

Geometry Dash SuperNova

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Geometry Dash SuperNova

Geometry Dash SuperNova by Motu is an Insane Demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins. The level was created in version 2.0, thanks to which it has the appropriate quality of design. Like many 2.0 levels from x8Px, this one is also done in an art style, which allows the player to see beautiful custom backgrounds and space-themed art throughout the level. It is worth noting that a large number of decorations at this level can cause a large number of lags for some players. Therefore, players with weak devices are advised to enable low-detail mode.

The level is famous for its difficulty levels—it has over a million downloads.


The level starts with the ship stage. Here, the player is required to dodge large stars flying towards the player while the character can touch the edges of the map. This is followed by a short UFO segment. The only goal of this stage is to not touch the edges of the map, as there are simply no other obstacles here. Next comes the cube stage, during which the player needs to jump on the pillars and use the spheres so as not to fall down. Finally, the ball stage begins, the purpose of which is to move around the platforms by changing gravity. The level ends with the display of the nickname of the creator of the level and the logo of the above level.

Level is completed!


  • The first coin is at 24.4%. To get it, you need to make a neat turn while not colliding with the star. 
  • The second coin is at 65%. To get it, you need to jump over the yellow trampoline in front of the coin. 
  • The third coin has a 68% success rate. To get it, you just need to not change gravity at the very beginning of the ball stage.

Interesting Facts

  • There are 16,721 objects in the level. 
  • Initially, in addition to the low detail mode, the level also had ULDM (Ultra Low Detail Mode), but later the author removed it. But on weak devices, it will still lag.