List of Nine Circles levels

One of the most well-liked level trends to date is Nine Circles levels or Nine Circles remakes. The levels are generally different levels of Zobros' Demon level of the same name that have been colored over. These levels mostly include demons. Dubstep, electro, or dance music by artists like NIGHTKILLA (Rukkus), Xtrullor, and others is often used in Nine Circles levels. The song's descent has the iconic "Circles" epileptic wave portion. The wave, the most recognizable feature of the level, includes flashing lights that make it difficult for the player to see where they are heading. The lights are combined with other game styles in other game modes, such as The Realistic or Bausha Vortex.


The first of Zobros' unique levels, Nine Circles, was released in the first few months of 2015. The Geometry Dash community was astounded by this level, which quickly rose to popularity. Late in February, SuperPizzaLuigi (now known as MkComic), a player who was then unknown, created a version of this level using purple colors and another Nightkilla song with the same name: Fairydust. Late in April, The Realistic and Jawbreaker were copied by Softable and the well-known ZenthicAlpha, respectively. Since then, the "Nine Circles" fad has taken off like wildfire. There were dozens of versions of this level created between May and August by both renowned developers (Glittershroom, Dhafin, Andromeda, and Minesap) and less well-known individuals who rose to fame by simply remaking Nine Circles (CrisPy Dash, Artimiel, Red Universe, and N1XO). With the 2.0 update, this tendency started to wane since, with very few exceptions, RobTop refused to award stars to other traditional remakes of Nine Circles. The 2.0 generation of Nine Circles levels, which includes levels like Retro Circles, Circulatum, Another Circles, and Ultimate Circles, was then the result of the authors' experiments with new aesthetics. Other popular trends like Ultra and XII Circles, which are even more difficult to imitate, particularly the latter, were introduced by certain individuals like Rulas and Rustam. Few remakes were published in 2016; at this point, even Zobros felt the concept had become overdone. RobTop made a commitment to Zobros that any future Nine Circles levels would probably not be rated. However, there are a few outliers, like Bakuretsu, Nine CircleX, Despacito Circles, and Bausha Vortex.