Geometry Dash UFO On Track

Geometry Dash UFO On Track

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Geometry Dash UFO On Track

Geometry Dash UFO On Track

Geometry Dash UFO On Track is a hard level rated 4 stars and 2 bronze user coins, created by the player ZelLink. This is the second level from theĀ UFO Pack level set. The official Back on Track remake is UFO On Track. Players can play virtually the fullĀ UFO On Track since the level is optimized for UFOs. This is essentially a convoluted Back On Track. There are multiple spikes on top and saws with spikes on the bottom to prevent flying over obstacles on the level.


The level will greet us with a pink backdrop and a trampoline hurled between the spikes. Jump over the next two spikes, then over the poles, onto the trampoline, then over the poles again. Then continue to leap until the trampoline tosses you up and the backdrop darkens. Then, leap over the platforms, avoiding the spikes. All of the trampolines are secure. A little parkour composed of semi-blocks and pillars is also available. Then parkour over the spikes once again. There are spikes again, and there is very little left to the portal.

Navigate between the slides on the ship stage with a blue backdrop; the floor and ceiling are vacant in this area, so you may touch them. You must fly past the spikes and into the portal on the last slide. We leap over the spikes and onto the platforms above the thorns in the last section of the game. Then we jump on one trampoline, then two. You must leap on semi-blocks and blocks till we reach a blue backdrop. We leap over the spikes as normal, then on the pillars, over the final spike, fall into the trampoline, and complete the level.


  • The first coin is now at 54%. To get it, you must fly through the spiked upper tunnel.
  • The second coin has a 98% success rate. To get it, you don't have to jump 94%, but rather fall down. After that, go down the tunnel, hopping over the spikes twice, and the coin will be automatically collected.

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