Geometry Dash ElectroWorld
Geometry Dash ElectroWorld

Geometry Dash ElectroWorld

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Geometry Dash ElectroWorld

Geometry Dash ElectroWorld, created by ASonicMen, is a Hard level that has a 4-star difficulty rating and features 3 user coins. Geometry Dash ElectroWorld is part of the Electro Pack and holds the first position in the level set. ElectroWorld follows the basic style of version 1.9 and features smooth color transitions, making it visually pleasing and of high quality. The level has gained significant popularity among players.

Geometry Dash ElectroWorld Gameplay Overview

The level begins with a cube stage where you'll need to navigate through small spiked stairs, pillars, spheres, and trampolines. The scenery and background rapidly change colors, transitioning from the cube stage to the ship stage. In the ship stage, you'll fly through spiked figures and saws, occasionally changing gravity and skillfully maneuvering through spike-filled tunnels.

Next, the UFO stage starts with a relatively simple task of jumping along jagged tunnels between star blocks. The ball stage follows, providing a simplified version of the ball mechanics seen in the challenging Bloodbath level. As you progress, you'll reach the wave stage, where you'll fly between arrow-shaped obstacles. Towards the end, you'll navigate a small wave, soaring between thorns and passing several saws, eventually encountering the creator's nickname, ASonicMen. Once you reach this point, you've successfully completed the level.


  1. The first coin is located at 25% in the ship stage. To collect it, you'll need to fly quickly and carefully up to the wall.
  2. The second coin can be found at 48% in the UFO stage. To collect it, you must go under the bottom block where the coin appears.
  3. The third coin is located at 98% in the wave stage. To collect it, you'll need to fly at a high altitude towards the end of the level.

Interesting Facts

  • The level's name reflects its electro-style gameplay.
  • Although the level was created during version 1.9, three custom coins were added to it in version 2.0.

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