Geometry Dash Windy Landscape

Geometry Dash Windy Landscape

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Geometry Dash Windy Landscape

Geometry Dash Windy Landscape

Geometry Dash Windy Landscape is a solo Insane Demon level rated 10 stars. It is created and published by WOOGI1411 and originally verified by GuitarHeroStyles.

The level was revised and somewhat boosted by WOOGI shortly after it was published. Its average difficulty has made it one of the most well-known levels. The ornamentation is meant to mislead the player and make it difficult for them to tell between the fake things without really obstructing their eyesight. Additionally, the level has a lot of timings and some challenging flying passages. It was seen as a hard Insane Demon or an easy Extreme Demon during version 1.9, but it is now often seen as an easier Insane Demon.


  • This level lasts 1 minute and 17 seconds.
  • The level was not included because WOOGI used a rip of TheFatRat's original music "Windfall," which was unavailable at the time.
  • The remake "If WL was L1" has a rating and is highlighted.
  • Flying portions and level durations were more simpler in the previous gameplay, which was before the level was improved.
  • AngryBoy and WOOGI released "Windy Landscape X," a 2.0 remake, on June 4, 2016. It was published by AngryBoy and validated by MaxiS9. The level has not yet been graded, however.
  • Teno confirmed Stormy Landscape, a 2.1 Extreme Demon remake made by XLSpiral and others, on April 4, 2021.
  • On December 14, 2021, Nisha confirmed the existence of Verdant Landscape, a hybrid of Windy Landscape and The Golden. On January 18, 2022, the level was positioned at position #11, above Kenos and under Zodiac on the Geometry Dash Demonlist. Verdant Landscape is the second-hardest "full-solo" level, which means that the level's only author (Nisha) also independently validated it to be such.

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