Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

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Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos by npesta, bianox, TrusTa, Noobas, Eclipsed, Zimnior12, Terron, TrueOmega, KrampuX, SlimJim, NikroDox, Combined, Salaxium, Spectex, Pennutoh, and DiamondSplash is an Extreme Demon mega-collaboration level rated 10 stars. It's a remade and expanded version of Sakupen Hell.


On December 26, 2019, the level was ranked second on the Geometry Dash Demonlist, above Crimson Planet (#3) and below Zodiac (#1).

This Demonlist entry pushed Arctic Arena into the Extended List and SUBVERSIVE into the Legacy List.

Timo was the first person to complete the level on 144hz.

Combined has already certified a simpler version of the level, however it has not yet been published to the GD servers.

npesta's 135,320 tries were once the most ever spent on a validated project, surpassing Knobbelboy's 121,296 attempts on Bloodlust verification. This record, however, was beaten by Sevant's 171,000+ tries with his Diabolic ClubStep verification.

There's some disagreement over whether this is more difficult than Zodiac, but it's not as heated as the Bloodlust vs. Plasma Pulse Finale dispute used to be.

If you miss the yellow orb at the dip in level PP, it takes you to a layout replica of one of Kenos' wave-sections.

Wolvez and SpeedyMuffin both leap from Sakupen Hell to Kenos, making it a somewhat popular level with huge jumps.

Kenos required 14,024 more verification tries than Bloodlust.

Kenos was the first howenh sent by Temaukel to arrange and construct the legendary forefathers of the Earth, according to Selk'nam mythology.

Kenos(κενός) means void or vacant in Greek.

Kenos was pushed off of the Demonlist's Top 10 by the placing of Sakupen Circles on January 5, 2022.

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