Geometry FreezeNova
Geometry FreezeNova

Geometry FreezeNova

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Geometry FreezeNova

Geometry FreezeNova is a rhythm-based arcade game that is similar to the popular title Geometry Dash by developer FreezeNova. In this game, the player controls a cube that must navigate various platforms and obstacles set to music. The goal is to avoid touching any barriers or enemies, as the cube moves automatically through each level. Surf the rhythm waves and obstacle hop your way to the top. Turn it up and get jumping!

There are 10 unique game modes available in Geometry FreezeNova that change up the gameplay mechanics, include:

  • Spikes Frenzy
  • Glowing Boost
  • Orbital Thrust
  • Gravity Chaos
  • Universe of Chaos
  • Blue Rush
  • Jumping
  • Black & White
  • Flash Frenzy
  • Final Lap

As the player progresses, they earn coins that can be spent in the in-game shop. Here, different cube skins and characters can be purchased to customize the look.

Geometry FreezeNova attracts players with the gameplay of jumping to the beat of music, like the famous Geometry Dash. With a variety of game modes, gameplay to the game's beat, and unlockable rewards, the game offers endless challenge and fun for fans of the genre. Overcome barriers and try to avoid obstacles. Turn up the volume and start playing now!