Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels

In Happy Wheels, you must carefully manage your character, avoiding obstacles and preventing it from falling into the pit (its body will crumble). You will be in charge of navigating your avatar past obstacles such as crates and wide chasms while avoiding dangerous assassins and giant fists in this game. To avoid slipping into the various traps, you'll need to keep your wits about you. Take it securely to its destination. 

So, don't expect an easy ride here. Along the route, you'll encounter hundreds of blades, mines, traps, and wormholes, all of which would love nothing more than to rip you in two, or at least remove a piece of your flesh. Can you make it through all the stages without getting any of your body parts blown off?

To control the different character abilities, you can also use the Space bar, Shift and Ctrl buttons:

  • Wheelchair Guy - Use Shift and Clt to spin the jet, and Space to ignite.
  • Segway Guy - Press Space to jump and Shift or Ctrl for a different stance.
  • Unreliable Dad or Mother (parent/child on the bike) - Use Space for brake, Shift, Ctrl and Ctrl for specific passengers and C to switch to kid mode.
  • The Effective Shopper - Space to Jump.
  • Moped Couple - Use Space to accelerate, Ctrl and Shift to stop, Shift and to eject your lady, and C for moving the camera to her.
  • Lawnmower Operator - Jumping space, may also be used to mow over things and people.
  • Explorer Guy (in minecart) - Hold Shift, Ctrl and lean. Space button to attach cart to rails.
  • Santa Claus - Press Space to float. Shift to help wounded elves. C to turn the camera on the elves.
  • Pogostick man - Hold Shift & Ctrl for a more upright position, and Space for a higher bounce.
  • Helicopterman - Press Space for the magnet to be released, and Shift and Cltrl to lift it and lower it.

Tips and Tricks

If this is your first time playing Happy Wheels, please read the following guidelines carefully:

  • If this is your first effort, begin carefully and with caution. You never know when you'll step on a bomb or fall into a trap!
  • Lean back using the left arrow key to jump over obstacles and land safely.
  • Paying attention to how you use the tilt controls will help you get out of perilous situations and finish the level.
  • You may anticipate traps by looking for hints along the route.
  • Replay the levels many times to get to the top of the scoreboard.

How to play

Using the wheel's controls, you may propel yourself forward and even do a vertical leap. To guide your player character through the challenges and to the finish line, you may utilize the following keys:

  • Use the arrow keys to move; holding them down will cause you to speed up. For stopping and reversing, press and hold the down arrow key. Left arrow key for a backward tilt, right arrow key for a forward one.
  • In order to eject, hit the Z key.
  • You may use the C button to operate the camera.
  • Functionalities accessible through the Spacebar, Shift, and Control keys