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Hole.io is an arcade physics puzzle with battle royale mechanics that was developed by French studio Voodoo. This game allows you to create a path of destruction throughout the city. Consume everything that is in your way. As you get bigger, you will be able eat more objects until you have nothing left. If your black hole grows large enough, you can even eat black holes of other players. Hole io is a great game that teaches you how to grow, eat and stay alive.

Tips & Tricks

There are many small things you can do in this unique combination of puzzle and arcade to outsmart your competitors and win over every one of them. Here are some helpful tips and moves to help you get the job done.

Because the main mechanic is physics-based, it is important that you adjust your movement when trying and consuming an object. Let's suppose you want to eat some traffic light bulbs. If the pole slides under your feet, it can cause it to tip in an undesirable direction and eventually fall horizontally to the floor. If the pole is moving in an undesirable direction, you can slow down or go backwards to prevent it from happening.

It's possible to make larger objects and buildings fall into your hole even if it is not large enough. Just place yourself underneath one of the edges to allow the object to start leaning toward the singularity, and then slowly move towards the other end. This will eventually consume the rest.

It is possible to swallow smaller objects more often than larger structures. You may feel tempted to swallow large structures once they get too big. However, this is risky because it is possible to underestimate how large an object is. It won't fit into the hole, so don't waste your time. Spend some time getting used to the new size of your prey by choosing smaller prey.

These tips should help you overcome any difficulties you may have in getting to the top of your scoreboard or beating other players. In the end, we produce better results when we are in a focused meditative flow state. But you must be comfortable with the game to do this. Hole.io wishes you all the best!

How to play

The game is simple to master: just move the hole around, let different objects drop in it, and you'll disappear into the unknown. You must only go below the objects that you can fit into it. This means that pedestrians, poles, bushes and cars should be consumed first, then move on to larger buildings and finally to cars. Other black holes can be eaten if they're smaller than you.

It takes place in a large city area. The map contains office buildings, apartment complexes and parking lots. There are also roads parks and other areas associated with the urban environment. It is easy to navigate the surrounding areas because they are familiar to anyone who has seen large cities. Plan your route ahead of time. You will find that you can get more small objects at the beginning, and eventually, something larger.

Each round takes just a few minutes. Don't let that discourage you. After you become familiar with the level and its mechanics, you'll be master of Hole.io within no time.