Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys

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Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys offers endless entertainment and casual multiplayer gaming where players play against each other in a variety of chaotic mini games. It allows you to play up to 32 other players in an arena with many obstacles. There is only one winner. This means that the challengers are all passed and the winner beats all others. You can have fun playing with your friends, or players you meet online. Kipas Guy is known as a exciting spin-off of Stumble GuysIn team mode you have the ability to create custom maps and pick levels to play. You can also play solo. Unlimited dashes allow you to unlock all skins as well as emojis. Kipas Guys is full fun and offers many challenges. Each mini-game offers different control options that will test your reflexes as well as your skill. Falling is easy. Just stand up and go! Take part in the endless adventure!


  • You have more than 120 skins for changing the look of you character.
  • You can run, jump, or slide past your opponent.
  • Overcome deadly hurdles
  • Multiplayer battle royale
  • 3D graphics that are whimsical and colorful
  • You have many options for customization.
  • Mini-games with chaos and fun
  • Hilarious physical comedy
  • Endless respawn

Kipas Guys Minigames

A match in Kipas Guys is broken down into 3-7 rounds. Each round will feature a mini game that is unique and belongs to one the four groups.

  • Races: You have to direct your character to run and jump and slide. Each mini-game presents unique challenges like jumping through space lanes or avoiding moving walls, jumping on dynamic platforms, etc.
  • Survival: These minigames require the player to use their many movement skills. You may have to avoid obstacles or jump over spinning beams so you don't fall in the pool. The ultimate goal is to stay for as long as you can.
  • Hunt: These minigames are designed to test your reflexes. To catch the object, you will have to move to an elected position.
  • Team: This is where you must work together. There are many team sports, including basketball, football and catch-the-flag. Your teammates will help you coordinate to score and win. 

How to play


Kipas Guys plays battle royale. It's a knockout battle between you, other players. No matter how hard you try, the final person left in the arena will be the victor. A battle includes three to seven rounds divided randomly into different levels. Each round consists of a minigame. If there aren’t enough players for round 2, the remaining players will be eliminated.


  • Click "Play" to get started with any random gamer.
  • When the timer reaches 0 it's the right time to race your opponent and attempt to get to the next round.
  • The controls are very simple. Only one button is required to move.