Magic Cat Academy
Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy

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Magic Cat Academy

In Magic Cat Academy, Momo is a magic cat who was raised in a witch school, accidentally summons a ghost from the school to steal her spellbook. Momo must defeat many ghosts and bosses within the school's library. To defeat the ghosts, Momo must move the mouse in a variety of ways according to their emblem. There are several ways to slide: a horizontal line, a vertical line, an image, the character "," or a ray. A majority of these sliding directions call for beams that eliminate all opponents. Players may occasionally be able to heal themselves with the ability to swipe using the heart shape.

Story and Gameplay

The original concept of Magic Cat Academy was a magical cat that cooked a soup so good it could revive the dead. After realizing that the association between soup and Halloween was too vague, the team moved on to the idea of a magical school. This opened up a new world with more fascinating people and fascinating topics.

Players can find five school-themed stages within the game: the cafeteria, library, classroom, gym, rooftop, and gym. One of the many humorous ideas we had was to create a ghost-like antagonist for the level. Momo was inspired by Juliana Chen, a Google Doodles employee.

How to play

  • The player must create forms that correspond to the ghosts' shapes in order to kill them. Those drawings are: -, |, v, ^, thunder and tornado. 
  • An array of ghosts on the screen will be obliterated by summoning thunder.
  • To regain energy, make a heart shape.

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